Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Romantic In Me.

I would consider a hopeless romantic to be one who is overly concerned with the romances all around them, but who never takes the time to nurture their own.  There is, of course, a much healthier way of viewing the world, specifically the world of love.  That is being a Hopeful Romantic.  A hopeful romantic can still get caught up in all of the relationships around him/herself, but also wants and works for the same. 

With the help of a new (but great) friend I was able to determine, with her, that I am certainly a hopeful romantic.  One of my favorite movies is One Fine Day because I want to be as in love as George Clooney is with Michelle Pfeiffer; I am always dreaming of finding my own Liz Lemon or Pam Beasley; my favorite song is and 8 minute slow jam about the infatuation phase called “Crush”.  I certainly love the idea of love!

However, as fun as it is to live through these exalted views of a dream-girl, I want nothing more than true love in my own life.  As horrifying as it seems to me, I can’t wait to have a wife with whom I can enjoy the best life has to offer, and then to bring kids into that love affair would only add to the experiences of existence.

So, what is the point of this?  Well, hopefully all the links in this post made people love some of the same things I love, that would make the world a better place (; but also, I hope that we can all just be a little more hopeful in our romances.  I have total trust that I will get to have an even better romance than anything Shakespeare ever thought up because mine will not be weak-minded and hopeless, but the love of a Hopeful Romantic.    

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  1. Hello, ...So I just thought that someone should comment on this entry because I thought it was sweet that you were able to appreciate the romances in life and that you were unafraid to show others that side of you. I love the idea of a hopeful romantic over the tragic love stories of shake spears in which love seems to be the weaker link. I thought this was really adorable overall.