Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Po-Po

This post is a super-brag on my amazing luck, I know it, and now so do you.

So I have been pulled over a total of one (1) time(s).  I was 16 years old and I was driving home very late at night from a midnight premier (more to come about my distaste of midnight premiers....).  I was also eating a taco, I was also turning left, I also drove a manual transmission.  Needless to say, I was driving erratically.  The cops got me right outside my house and basically just checked my breath, and let me go.  (Lucky me I had really good mints that masked the Keystone......kidding.)

Fast forward past several red lights run, speeding to shows, and a couple illegal U-turns on the freeway to yesterday.  As I was making my way toward Layton, UT for a wonderful lunch date with a very special girl I zoned out through an intersection on BYU campus.  I looked up at the traffic signal just as I passed underneath the red beacon, inviting me to be a law abiding citizen just a little too late.

I felt terrible about that incident, but I guess not bad enough to drive 55 on the freeway.  As I was speeding my way up I-15 I came to the top of the crest of a hill and my eyes met the eyes of a motorcycle cop with his radar gun pointed right at my car.  I prepared to move over to the right and meet my doom until, just as I passed the cop he pointed his gloved finger right at me and in the clearest inaudible language I'd ever heard (haha you can't hear inaudible, but that is really what it felt like...) he mouthed "YOU, SLOW DOWN!"  and then waved me on.  Success!!!

Moral of the story--and this may sound a little cliche, and for that I apologize--the universe may, in fact, revolve around me...... Just sayin.....      

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  1. Hey remember that time you raced me at a light, which caused you to screech out of the intersection, and then you drove in my blind spot for an extended period of time all while being in front of a cop? You didn't get pulled over that time either.