Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Delusions of Grandeur

So the past several weeks have been overwhelmingly amazing.  My band has somehow been able to pretend that we are a much bigger deal than we really are.  Last week we played shows with bands like Anarbor, Valencia, and Hello-Goodbye, as well as making a special trip to San Diego, California to play at the world famous Hard Rock Cafe (by the way we didn't even have to pay for gas!)  We have had people scream as we took the stage, ask to take pictures with us, and I have autographed several drumsticks and cds.  It has kind of been a dream come true!

However, a much more important dream came true during our sound check at the aforementioned Hard Rock Cafe.  The sound guy, who is used to setting up monitors and drum mics for much more famous people than us, was treating us like we were John, George, Paul, and Ringo.  He'd never heard of The Lovecapades because neither has anyone else, but he thought it was just because he still thought Aerosmith was cutting edge.  We had no demands; in fact, just looking at the sound system that carry our music through the sparsely attended show was enough for us to lose our minds with excitement.

As we were checking levels through our monitors the sound guy wanted to ensure that we each had a perfect mix so that we could perform to the best of our abilities (not realizing that I can count on one hand the number of times I've had a drum monitor for a show!)  I was very easy to please, just a little acoustic guitar, and some vocals so I can sing along to the parts of the songs I know.  As my sound check was wrapping up he looked at me with almost a deer in the headlights gaze and said "I've never had anyone play here who is so humble, what happened to your egos?"  Of course, the truth is that we have not done enough to earn an ego, but it gave me a chance to reflect on what is most important.  As fun as it was and is to pretend to be a rock star, there is nothing more important than making sure that others know how grateful you are for all they do for you.  And that sound guy made our cookie cutter rock music sound absolutely amazing!

I would not be where I am or who I am today without the amazing support, encouragement, and lessons on living from thousands of people.  If you are reading this chances are you fit into that category, so thank you for everything, my life is better because of you.

Can anyone ever really earn an ego?  

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  1. Dude You are right....brought to you by the Matt Bailey Show, hosted by yours truly, M. Ryan Bailey