Saturday, February 25, 2012

Who am I??

It should be known that I have the greatest job on Earth.  (It should also me known that the passive voice is liked by me and being used appropriately by me in the preceding sentance.)  With that in mind, I'd like to explain my most recent assignment from my boss: I am to discover my MISSION in life.  This has turned out to be a life changing and revelatory experience for me.  Don't worry, I have not figured it all out (so this blog is not entirely a humblebrag, no need to alert Harris Wittels, just let him keep analyzing Phish--and if you get that reference in its entirety we need to be better friends because I just went deep). However, I have learned more about myself, some of which I think I'd like to share here and since you are reading this you might just care enough to be interested (if you don't and you're using an Apple computer just click the red circle in the upper left.  If you're not using an Apple computer, or similar computing product, click the box in the upper right whether you care or not because I'm having a party and you're not invited.) 
Here we go!

1) I will make mistakes, but I refuse to be defined my those mistakes.
This will be difficult, it will mean cutting ties with those who refuse to define me by my penance, it also means correcting mistakes and moving forward so that I don't hold myself back.

A beautiful song about moving on.... (Actually I don't know what its about, but that's what I get from it)

2) I will not praise mediocrity.
This means holding myself and those with whom I choose to associate to a much higher standard and not settling as I pursue the measure of my creation.

3) I will laugh everyday, and I'll make others do the same.
Self explanatory..... Everyone needs to laugh, and I've got lots to laugh at.

Yup, that's me.  I like to laugh.

4) I will always care enough to listen.
I know I have a lot of personality flaws, but that doesn't mean I can't be a listening ear.  Plus, I usually have no advice, so I'll never impose it on anyone.

Yeah yeah, I know this picture is the least cool one, I'm not always on my A-game...

5) I will live so that no one will question my loyalty.
Christ is my King.  See number one for clarification.

Astounding arrangement from the second Reflections of Christ CD

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Life's Great Ironies

Ironyincongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result.

I'd say this is my favorite definition of this word.  

And this is my favorite example of it.

Life is full of irony.  Hipsters thrive on it by wearing t-shirts advertising amusement parks they've never been to, or record stores that don't exist in any-town Indiana.  Most mustaches are ironic, and no one has genuinely worn a fedora in fifty years.  

But you don't have to think that the only good music has a lap-steel guitar and a harmonica to find irony all over your life!  This is a list of some of the great ironies I have discovered lately:

*Taking education seriously does not mean retaining knowledge and learning to apply it to better the world, it means passing a test.

*People think they can actually know what is happening in your life if they follow you on twitter.

*Coffee ice cream counts as "hot drinks."

*People buy very fancy big head phones and then listen to "Party Rock Anthem" through them, which is a song designed to be listened to on a cell phone.

*Talking about a problem makes it a problem.

*Sting describes himself as an introvert who doesn't like to draw attention to himself while he sits in a yoga pose for an interview in his dressing room that looks like a Buddhist temple.

*People who don't care about you are the ones who will smother you with "care"; this will keep you from achieving what you want to.

A haunting song with just a touch of irony.

If you can think of more things that are ironic add them to the comments for this blog, I'd love to read them!