Tuesday, July 10, 2012

England (arrival)

I travelled with Colin.  He is a UK citizen and so he abandoned me as he quickly was admitted through the EU passport line.  No bother, some of my favorite people watching moments of this whole trip took place in that boarder crossing line.  I stood behind a beautiful Persian family with a small child, and a confident Mexican mother with 2 teenage girls.  I was fascinated with the Americanization of the Mexican girls with Coach carry on bags and their Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses.  It was in striking contrast to the Persians, dressed in simple western clothes they stood completely dignified, the mother carrying the bags and the husband tending to his small son, too young to walk.  It just made me feel so cultured, and so lucky to be able to see such diversity.  That concludes the deep sentimental portion of this post....

Then I just felt EXHAUSTED!!!

I feel like John's face sums up our exhaustion....

After sharing some English chocolate, and Kelcey's ceremonial standing on the couch, it was a struggle to stay awake, so we went on a walk!

I think between the Drop Dead Gorgeous references and the dumb American tourist jokes Colin and John were questioning letting Kelcey and me accompany them to the Mother Land.  On this walk we came up with the idea for double decker buses. It was also the first of many glares we received for being too loud and obnoxious.  

As the next couple days went on the Rivera's got used to Kelcey yelling about worms inside her and our nightly dance party in their kitchen as we gorged on crumpets.  I just wish the rest of the English citizenry would have felt the same way.

This is me in an emergency exit row all to myself.  I wish I had a pic of the first class row I had all to myself on the return trip!

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