Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Playing shows and a great new haircut!

I feel like I need to write something that is not analyzing Mexican electoral rules (life of a poli sci major...) so here goes this one:

I'm in a band.  I know that the big picture at the top of this page may not give that away, but I am.  I got to play several shows in the last couple of weeks which was super fun!

First the most recent one:

This picture describes the feeling behind a show, look at how all the instruments are just begging to be played!  We played a new song that is not available for download at the moment (because we have not recorded it yet...) called "Do it Right."  The writing of this song was quite an adventure (admittedly, what I do to a new song cannot really be called "writing").  The guitar line meshed with the drums and bass perfectly, but there was obviously something missing.  We messed with guitar effects, drum intensity, and cymbal sounds but nothing worked.  The other band members sang out a drum part for me and I laughed in their face because it was so simple and boring.  But the show spoke for itself!  As the verse transitioned to the chorus and the strong quarter note drums began pounding through the delayed guitar sounds and moving lyrics I saw a sold-out audience at the Velour in Provo simultaneously begin jumping right along to the movement of my left hand!  Nothing could compare (I sure hope this video becomes available very soon, but this is what the crowd looked like right after the song)

Two weekends ago we played another great show in Rexburg, Idaho. (Few things make me happier than seeing the red dotted line under the word "Rexburg" because my computer does not know that word.)  I think the previous show description does it justice; the highlight was less musical and much much more follicle.  

The special winner of our dance contest at Sammy's Cafe in Rexburg got to use clippers however she would like.  We then stayed the night and went to church in Idaho, I looked even more like a lunatic for that... (so much so that the Sunday School teacher was afraid to call on me--maybe my favorite part of the whole weekend) 

and now my hair is way too short, and I've been sporting hats everyday of the week. 

Impulsivity gets the best of me....again....


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  1. love it! the show, the hair, the bow-tie. love it all!